Sunday, May 3, 2009

God Provides

Today at church the pastor spoke about what I've been thinking all week. Funny how that sometimes happens. (Side note: If I haven't mentioned it, Mike and I have been going to a church for about two months. Thanks, Becky, for inviting us. We're really enjoying it and getting to know people. In fact, we're taking dinner to our small group tomorrow! A Mexican feast for Cinco de Mayo.)

What I've been thinking about is how God provides for us, just not how we necessarily anticipated. Granted, I'm part of the middle class so it may not seem all that impressive at first, but I've never gone without something I really needed. I'm fed and sheltered and loved.

But the way God has provided those things isn't quite what I imagined. I imagined myself at home being domestic Barbie, which I'm surely not. But does that mean God has forgotten me? No, it just means my plans weren't his. But that doesn't mean they're not good. Good sometimes in an obscure, far-off way when you're in the moment, but still good.

The pastor exhorted us today to take hold of whatever station of life we happen to be in right now. Don't fret about what station you think you ought to be in or the one that is coming next. Drink fully from what you have now. How many of us are sad and depressed and discontent because we can't accept where we are? God provides us what we need, just not necessarily how we think we need it.

On to home stuff. Segway: God provided us with a home. Are you getting bored of home stuff yet? We're redoing the guest bathroom. Mike has torn up everything out of the bathroom, and is going to paint, put in tile, put in a new sink and toilet, etc. etc.

We bought a curtain yesterday to separate the guest room from the laundry room (which are attached) and our tile. (The curtain was from Walmart's Better Homes and Gardens line, which I'm starting to love--$12!) Now we're trying to figure out what color to paint it. Will you look at these two options and advise? I like one and Mike likes the other. My flash washed out the white paint, but it's more of a nice cream (or "frappe" if you will).
Number 1: Urban Nature
Number 2: Tranquility
So which do you vote for? We really wanted to paint the bathroom something from the cool family (green, blue), but it's hard to match cools to gold.


GinSpaghetti said...

Urban nature - green!

Aubergine said...

We both like the green. What gorgeous tile! Thanks for the decorating tips.

Tara said...

I vote for choice #1!!

Elizabeth Messer said...

Hmm...well, I might be the only one,but I love the blue!

Aloe said...

I vote green based solely on how they're displayed on screen. If you decide to go blue, I'd choose more of a slate blue, which I think would look good with gold. :)

cguth said...

I like choice #1

Tara said...

I think choice #2 looks better with the shower curtain!

Tara (not the sister) :)

barleygreen said...

Urban nature.