Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Dress

Today I had the great honor of going wedding dress shopping with my friend Becky. I love dresses. One of my ultimate life goals is to wear a dress every day of the week. (Really, it is.) I love being a pretty, pretty princess.

So I LOVE wedding dress shopping, which is the Ultimate. The Super Bowl of female beauty, if you will (for you men out there who don't understand what the big deal is about wedding dresses). Women love to be beautiful. God made us beautiful for the delight of our husbands. And the wedding day is the ultimate expression of that. It's what we were made for. (OK, don't go all feminist on me, it's one part of what we were made for. But a really, really fun part!)

Anyway, we had a long day of shopping. The first shop was a super cute boutique with great service but boutique prices. The second one the lady kept calling us "kid" (though she was in middle school when I graduated college, probably) and agreeing with every single syllable we uttered. The third place, Becky tried on one dress, and that was it. It was the one. It was so perfect and wonderful. I can't tell you about it, of course. But it's good.


Becky said...

Thanks for being such a SUPER shopping buddy, Amber! You TOTALLY made my day.

And, I must add, you helped me pick out the most perfect dress of all time.

You did good, Kid.

Elizabeth Messer said...

Amber, how fun and thoughtful of you! Wedding dress shopping really is the best! I keep tell Joe we need to renew our vows soon!

By the way, I was remembering your wedding day, and it was one of the prettiest and lovliest of my life!

Except that there was a baby in front of me who cried during the ceremony. One of my biggest pet peeves!