Thursday, May 28, 2009


Some definitions to give you a glimpse into my days.

Ann Taylor Loft [lawft]: The county seat of flat-chested East Coast WASP style.

Depressing [dih-pres-ing]: Going to Ann Taylor Loft and not filling the cups of a size 4 dress. Let's review: The Loft. Size 4. Depressing.

Best Cube Ever [ɛvər]: Seeing from your desk what Biden and Bush fly from D.C. to see.

Unwise [uhn-wahyz]: Watching the Thunderbirds airshow outside at noon for an hour and a half with no sunscreen.

Promising [prom-uh-sing]: Having your smart whippersnapper of an intern start.
Cute [kyoot]: My husband.

Addicted [uh-dik-tid]: My husband, to Craigslist. Latest acquisition: kitchen cabinet hardware and a floor laying starter kit.

Beautiful [byoo-tuh-fuhl]: Wildflowers in Ute Valley Park after four unprecedented days of rain.


Ric Sieben said...

Thanks for the link, Amber!

I think 99.764% of us watching forgot the sunscreen, although I may be exaggerating by .149%.

Elizabeth Messer said...

You are so witty and fun. Your intern IS cute. I want one. Or rather, I'd like to be your intern. Too bad my grammere is so pityfull. According to Mike, of course. Which is why I is (wass) only a school ma'am and not an editore.

Might you post photos of those wildflowers?