Monday, May 25, 2009

Chipped Beef and Business Speak

I mentioned how I was being taken over by a level of business jargon at my workplace that would make the Onion proud. To combat the onslaught of nonsense, my cubemates and I started a business jargon board to identify the offending phrases. We had to erase the board this week, as my intern is starting and will be habitating this cube. But I have posted it here for posterity so you too can escape the mumbo jumbo monsters. My personal favorite, "chipped beef."


-c said... about fiscally responsible and budget neutral?

Tara said...

We had a list of words like this when I did my Masters. Education has a whole world of crazy Acronyms and words that we make up. Our favorite was "triangulation"--it was really fun to work this into every day conversations.

I am glad that you are going to set a good example for your new intern. Maybe you can have her make the new list!

How did "I don't care" get on your list? One of my coworkers just says IDC for short!

Jon The Hart said...

Jargon is an interesting thing... half what's on that board is nonsense, so it must be specific to your office. I guess drill-down is adobe specific, but the rest just seem to be common terminology like 'double-click'.

Guess I don't know if jargon is supposed to be the technical language of a specific industry/activity, or if the little office language idiosyncrasies constitute jargon.

Political jargon is non-technical but widely known, and seems like a tool for puffery and obfuscation, primarily.

So either all those are forms of jargon, or like the rest of the language we've slowly sapped the word of its specificity.

And do tell what 'chipped beef' refers to.

Amber said...

"Obfuscation," now that's just beautiful. "Chipped Beef" was written by a rambunctious boyfriend, "I don't care" is what my boss says to me...It's not jargon, but it's his catch phrase. Various of the phrases turned more into jokes.

dave said...

come on, no huge resolution pic so we can actually read what the board says :(

Becky said...

Here you go, Dave. :)

I'm guessing it was lo-res cause Amber took it from my blog. (Although I do have to give her credit ... the photo was her idea.)

Amber said...

Thanks, Beck. I did steal it. But you were in Seattle so I couldn't ask. I had to steal.