Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's about time for a home update, don't you think?

Mike is now officially a manual laborer. No longer are his hands lily white. They are coarse and cracked and blackened from all the house work. He's almost done with the tiling projects. Which is a really good thing. Because we're tiling the laundry room, we haven't been able to do laundry for several weeks. We're getting down to the weird underwear. The ones that you find in the back of the drawer and ask, "Why do I even own this?"

Mike has also been hard at work meeting questionable characters in dark alleyways. Our latest Craigslist finds:

A lamp for the living room for $30 (instead of at least twice that much):
A banquette for $75 (retail, $1,500):
Not quite sure what we'll do with this yet and it's pretty impractical, but I'm very excited about it. It smells a little musty, but welcome to my life.

One other thing I'm finding with buying a new home is that suddenly people want to visit you...and bring you gifts! Our backyard has been nicely flushed out by kind friends and family:

Here are our many gifts from well wishers: A lavender pot, a birdbath, some columbine, a hummingbird feeder, and a patio set!
And this weekend, we have the honor of having two Swans visiting us.


hlw said...

Love it! Great job with the house - sounds like a fun (at times) project!

Becky said...

When can we come visit??? And more importantly, will there be food? :)

sarahbri said...

3 Swans ;)