Friday, May 15, 2009

The 15,000th Viewer!

Lately, I've been watching my little ticker there on the side, eagerly anticipating the moment that the fifteen thousandth view of my blog would arrive. I had great prizes and celebrations planned in anticipation of the event. Then today, as I logged in to check on my little blog and see how it's doing, I saw that...ummm....I was the 15,000th viewer. Now I suppose I'll have to go buy myself a huge box of donuts.

Last night, I got to hang with two of my favorites, Jenny Jen Jengineer and Shanny-Bananny-Bing-Bong. (I know, my friends have weird names, huh?) It was fun to see, so many years after college, where each of us has landed based on what different people we are. Jen designs computer chips for Intel, Shannan is a Hollywood wardrobe stylist (she touches naked people all day), and I'm a writer and editor. So I guess we all are different for a reason, and sometimes that works out.

Loved seeing you girls last night!

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My Life Thinking said...

I think we all have a funny names comparing to each other!!

nice post!