Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Morning Adventures

This whole finding a church thing is hard. We visited another church this morning. By now, I could write a book about visiting a different church every Sunday and telling about our hilarious exploits. Unforunately, a very funny Jewish dude already used the idea, in a book I reviewed for Relevant this month.

In my search to find a church last night, I even typed my question to God into Yahoo: "Where should I go to church in Colorado Springs?" But I'm worried that maybe God uses Google, not Yahoo.

Finding a church would be so much easier if someone was actively trying to get you there. I think back to my Ft. Collins days when you would invite someone to church and sit with them and invite them to small group. How nice and easy. Oh, if someone would just invite me to their small group! But when you're the one trying to insert yourself into a church, unbeknowst to any of the regular goers, it can be awkward. It's not that everyone isn't very friendly, it's just hard to take that next step.

Mike and I have decided what we really need to do is to become pagans so that any given church will be more excited about recruiting us. It's no longer the days when counter-culture people are discouraged from church. Actually, you're far better off the weirder and more messed up you are. Many churches don't just want to recruit more Christians--you can sometimes see the disappointment in your eyes when they find out you're already saved; they want the lost. And Mike and I just don't make that great of a trophy--we've been Christians for over 20 years, we're not alcoholics, we don't have weird piercings. In short, we're too respectable.

So the next church we visit, Mike is going to wear black eyeliner and probably get a bull-ring for his nose. I'll definitely be wearing some mesh gloves and boots with lots of buckles. I'll probably say, "damn" several times in casual conversation. I think that will make me edgy enough to make the Christians want to minister to me. Maybe we'll even develop some other bad habits like hard liquor and democratic beliefs. (We're even considering pretending to be from Kyrgyzstan...that would totally leave them salivating over us.)

I jest. I know from the outside this makes me sound like a completely self-absorbed, self-serving Christian who just wants everyone else to minister to her. But going to a new church is hard, and finding a church that can become your church family is even harder.


Becky said...

You should try Springs Calvary. We've been invited to join their small groups no less than 8 times. No kidding.

We actually really like it. :) It'd be fun if you went there too.

Amber said...

Thanks, Becky! That's sweet of you. Maybe we will.

Amber said...

But Becky, can I still wear the mesh clothes and talk in a Kyrgy accent?

ian said...

Next Sunday, wear the button.

Aloe said...

I went to Pulpit Rock when I lived there over the summers during my CSU years. And one of my old college roommates and her husband also go there and love it. If you're interested I could put you in touch with them. They're awesome people. :)

Amber said...

Yes! The button!

Jess, I didn't know you lived in the Springs!

Aloe said...

I spent 2 summers there waiting tables at a Beau Jo's on Academy and Union. It is now however a matress store. But I do love that town! It's so pretty and there is a ton to do there. :)