Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love Day

Today was my surprise Valentine's Day! I got home from work and Mike had music playing (our wedding music), candles lit, a bouquet of flowers, and goo in his hair (which is what he does to dress up). He had driven all over town to create a tasty dinner from all my favorite places: Entree from Garden of the Gods Gourmet and fresh baked bread and a key lime tart from Marigold's. He even put together the flower arrangement himself. I can really dig a guy who does that.

Then we checked the mail and got a package from Mike's parents containing a poem written just for us by Mike's father:

With the poem was Mike's mom's homemade peanut butter buckets...Mmm. We also got my parents' Valentine in the mail today. So it was one big love fest. This weekend we're going to Estes Park for Valentine's Day as my parents' Christmas gift to us. Going to Estes in February has become one of our traditions, and we're looking forward to snowshoeing and maybe dinner at the Dunraven.

I'll leave you with one parting image: Valentine's Day 10 years ago.

Sarah, Erica, Beth, Becca, Amy, Amber, Erica, Melanja, Christine, Katy, Alex

When I saw the date on the back of the pic, I couldn't quite believe it had been 10 years. (It seemed both too long and too short.) 10 years ago seems so far away now. I couldn't have imagined how different my life would be today and how much has happened. I remember wondering if I'd ever find the man I wanted. Now I've been married over 5 years to a man who exceeds all my most fanciful expectations. And who knows where we'll be in another 10.

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Becky said...

Those flowers - stargazer lilies - are my favorite!

What a great Valentines Day!