Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gon' Do It

Did you know that I grew up in Aurora and still have a penchant for rap/hip-hop? (And Mexican polka music, but that's another post...)

So, in the words of Ice Cube: Gon' do it, gon' do it, gon' do it, do it, do it.

If you couldn't already tell, the subject of this post is that we're putting an offer on a home. Not the one I showed you a week ago, but one just a couple homes away from that one. It was initially too expensive, but they've just brought down their price. So, we're gon' see what happens. They have to counter-offer or accept ours by Monday night.

In honor of the Oscars, which I'm watching right now, here's a clip from the British comedy Extras about Kate Winslet and Oscars.


Mike said...

This show of Extras alone took me from still being annoyed with Kate Winslet about Titanic to liking Kate Winslet. And she apparently was paying attention when she was filming this a year or two ago. And she got with Jack Black in that one chick flick. That was endearing. Like getting together with a enormous marmoset.

Mike said...

Can't think of anything else funny to say about this. Please hold for further updates.