Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some More Photos

Here are some more photos from India...don't know if the link works...I'll meet Sarath tomorrow then take a train to the south, Nagercoil. Bye!


The Parents said...

I wasn't able to see the photos. It said I needed a Facebook login.
But, I can leave you a message. Well, you will probably be meeting Sarath soon. Yesterday we had about 5 inches of snow, but today sunny blue skies. I'm about to watch American Idol. Yes, I love cerebral reality shows. There was a special about India on Channel 6 last night. It gave us a snapshot of where you are and what you are seeing. One part showed women in brightly colored saris working in a field. Hope you are getting some rest and that you are having the time of your life! We are praying for you.
Stay well, be safe! And of course,
Love you tons!
Mom and Dad

A. Skidgy said...

I loved your photos! You look very cute and your photos are so interesting! Stay safe!
Love you!