Friday, January 23, 2009

Coming Home

Hey there! I just remembered I have a blog! I'd forgotten. I'm sitting in the Chennai airport right now. Check out this itinerary: Leave here at 5 pm, fly to Delhi for 3 hours. In Delhi for 5 hours (during which I switch airports, eek!). Fly to Amsterdam for 9 hours. Sit in Amsterdam for 5 hours. Fly to Detroit for 9 hours. Sit in Detroit for 5 hours. Fly to Denver for 3 hours. I'll have been in transit from Chennai to Denver from 1 pm on Friday to 9:30 am on Monday (India time). 

I'm going to be so tired, and I have a cold. Boo hoo!

I tried to upload some pictures, but the internet only wants to load this one, a grandfather of one of the girls we interviewed. 
I uploaded a couple of pictures to flickr the other day, that I don't remember if I told you about or not. View them here

Yesterday, we went to mylapore temple. Crazy and kind of sad place. Many people selling sacrifices and people prostrating themselves and what not. Then we went to the Chennai Beach. Not the nicest beach I've been to--lots of fish skeletons and pretty stinky. But still interesting to see. Miss you all and I'll see you soon!


Mike said...

Cool picture. Sounds like an interesting day, at least. Kind of good to see that side of India, really, since it's a big part of the culture. Old Indian men seem to look very interesting and impressive. Moreso than white people. I hope I look that striking when I'm his age.

DadMom said...

Sounds like you will really be an experienced traveller after this trip. Well, you sure have your credentials now with Kenya, Dominican R, Haiti, and India. Your publicist can go wild! ha,ha!
Hope your connection in Delhi was smooth. We are praying for you. Will see you at the airport upon arrival . . . know you will be tired. Hang in there.
We love you,
Mom & Dad

barleygreen said...

Has traveled extensively in developing nations….Check!

Hope that you will slow down once you reach DIA and spend the should end you hectic transit by being a woman of leisure.

A. Skidgy said...

Welcome home!!!!!