Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who Will Watch the Watchmen?

Hi-diddly-ho, neighbor!

I can't think of what to write tonight, so I'll steal from my blonder half.

We review books and movies for a family web site (which is funny, considering we're not parents, but I guess we're the ones with the expendable cash and time to do it). Mike reviewed the graphic novel The Watchmen, which is supposed to be the best graphic novel ever written and is releasing as a movie soon. He has strong feelings about it. So, before you go spend money on it and let your toddlers watch it, read his review.

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And, we put up our annual fall tree. Yippee! Blondie is currently busying himself about the place, putting up fall decor. Upon searching through our seasonal decorations, Mike found that we hadn't thrown out our decorative corn last year...and found it in a pool of liquified corn mold in our storage tub. Yum. Its released powers have now functified our apartment. Nothing says fall like a crisp night and the scent of liquid corn mold wafting on the cool breeze.


Amber said...

As it turns out, Mike is highly allergic to liquid corn mold. He spent the day medicating himself, but by night time, his eye had swollen to Hitch-like proportions. He spent the night passed out on the couch from a Benadryl-induced coma.

barleygreen said...

Goodness...that's terrible.