Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend in Review

Jon the Hart came to visit us this weekend in the Springs. On Saturday we drove up Gold Camp Road which was indeed golden.
Here is Jon. The quick fingers of a camera man. The strength of a puma. The wisdom of a man.
We toddled down to Rosemount Resovoir. This aspen-lined path down to it was pretty ridiculously picturesque. Jon threw boulders in the lake and disturbed all the fishermen and their fish.
We then drove on to Cathedral Park. The rain made it eerie and intensely colored.

The colors just before Cripple Creek were unbelievable.
The orange was so bright, it looks like we doctored the pics...which we didn't.
Our laptop with all the pictures of people other than me crashed. Really. So now, posting pics only of myself, I look very narcissistic, which I am, but usually I try to hide it better.
Mike and Jon spent much time photographing leaves with water on them.
The next morning, after several failed attempts at visiting a bakery, we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Mike and I got a membership, so we are now regulars. There's a new mountain lion exhibit that let's you get this close. One bit off part of Jon's left ear. Sorry Jon.
There's also a new grizzly bear exhibit that let's you get this close. This is our son Artaxerxes. Isn't he precious? To show his dominion, the bear would periodically swipe at the children's faces.
Next we drove up to the top of the Shrine of the Sun. After he took this picture of us, Mike and I lured Jon to the top and hurled him over the edge of the castle walls. Sorry Jon.


Becky said...

I love that last picture of you and Mike!

Amber said...

Thanks! I'm so sad, we got all these great pics of us together (which we never get b/c we're alone!), but now we lost them all.

Tara said...

Can't you recover them? Were they on the Mac? You can recover things easily on a Mac. Or maybe see if you can recover them on the camera memory card. I have read that they are never really erased and can be recoved--maybe call Wolf because they are the people who told me this. I lost some pics when Maile ate the zip drive they were on. I thought I was being good by backing up my pics but I had not yet burned them so they too are gone forever.

The pictures you do have are awesome! I love the colors of fall!

Amber said...

They're not totally lost. Our friend should still have them on his camera--they were pics he took then we transferred them to our laptop.

Naomi said...

I'm extremely jealous that you're experiencing a Colorado fall to its fullest! unfair! the pictures are lovely : )