Thursday, October 9, 2008

That's the Plan. Rule the World. You and Me. Any Day.

Friday Video!

I love Friday video. Here's a song from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. I know I already posted the link to the movie, but I don't think you actually watched it. So now you have to watch Neil Patrick Harris sing and wiggle his shoulders, a good way to start any Friday morning.


Mike said...

Ah how I wish I were Captain Hammer. I'm a bit more of a Dr. Horrible, though. I like this show. It's like watching what I could have been in another world if I'd had more villanous aptitude. Unfortunately I'm not very good with freeze rays, but I am working on honing my telepathic, empathic, and psychic dominanace skills. Failing that, I'll just use my intellect to mastetmind devious plots, pulling the strings like a great spider behind the scenes, tugging a thread and making one puppet dance, then another. or maybe I'll go get a sandwich.

Amber said...

You need something tragic to happen before you can fully commit to full-time evil, like what happened to Dr. Horrible. It's the key to any good villian: tragedy. But I don't want to have Freeze-Ray shrapnel in my belly, so you'll have to just eat a sandwich.

barleygreen said...

Not to worry...aside from frozen eyelashes you'll be fine as long your villian sticks to the Freeze Ray. However, if they pull out the Death Ray...well that's when the shrapnel starts a-flyin!