Monday, October 27, 2008


Here are the apples I told you about being eaten tonight at my international dinner thingy:

It was fun. Mike says that from the 2nd bedroom where he was hiding, it sounded like a raucous sorority party. It pretty much was.

Now on to the real topic: Patience.

I started doing some freelance for Group Publishing again, so now I'm writing a Bible study on patience. Those of you who know me well, know this is not a particular virtue of mine. I'm kind of like that lady on You've Got Mail. Do you remember that scene where everyone is trapped in an elevator and they're saying the touching things they'll do if they get out, like marry their fiance and start talking to their daughter again? Then Tom Hanks' girlfriend who is frantically searching through her purse, oblivous to the touching moment and only concious of her own minute inconvenience, screeches, "Where are my tic tacs?!" I'm kind of like her.

I'm very excited to write the book, so I can study what the Bible has to say about patience more and perhaps become less like the tic-tac girl.

So, tell me...

  • What situation makes you the most impatient?
  • What wisdom do you have to share on patience?


Mike said...

Stupid people make me impatient. With their stupidness and their dumbness...

No, seriously. Naturally, I'm impatient if I have an expectation locked in my mind about how long something should be taking or when it should be happening, or when I see it as impinging on my and my life, which I deserve not to have disrupted. I get impatient when I'm not being very self-reflective and just sticking to my shallow knee-jerk reactions of annoyance and fall into a pattern of typical annoyed thoughts. I get impatient when it's something that really matters to me and I want it to happen now and feel that it's not within my power to make things go faster. I get impatient when it's something that I've really tried my best and done everything right and been really methodical and it's still not working out smoothly. I mean, if I did everything right, I deserve to have it all go as planned, right? I get impatient when it's the same thing continuing to frustrate me.

What wisdom do I have to share? It helps to know all the things that make you feel impatient. At least then you can appreciate it.

robinegg said...

hmmm...this is something to chew, Amber, I'll think about it and let you know my responses!

Case in Point said...

I, like Mike, become impatient with stupids. Mostly while driving. Also, loud annoying noises, like children crying or the sound your car makes when you leave the door open with the keys still in the ignition. I loose all control. I think patience can be closely tied to unresolved anger and stress. Hows that for obvious.

Amber said...

Yeah, you're right, Casey. Patience is definitely the opposite of anger--being slow to anger as God would put it. I wouldn't necessarily consider myself an angry person...but I probably am, because I am an impatient person.

blissfullykrissy said...

wisdom to share on patience? well, i'm an impatient person, but having kids taught me
(teaches me) that nothing happens in the timing that i want it to happen...starting with the pregnancy. 9 stinkin' months to wait for this amazing gift, but man oh man, isit ever worth it!

Patience is hard, but sometimes the result is more beautiful than you can begin to imagine!