Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Notes from a Yo-Yo

A friend of mine blogged about a weight pet peeve yesterday, and since I love reading fad weight books and watching people weigh themselves on TV and what not, I thought I should write about weight.

Today's topic: Some observations from me, a yo-yo when it comes to weight, about how you're treated as a healthy-weight woman. Women are funny birds. Men, quite expectedly, treat you a particular way based on how you look. It's pretty straightforward. But women are caught in this complicated web of positioning and posturing and competing. If your weight changes, your position on the web of womandom changes.

Note 1: It's OK to be a bit snarky to skinny girls. Hey, their life must have been easy, right? The world loves them and caters to them, so they can take some bite from the bigger girls. Now that's just silly. It's like reverse racism. You can make a snide remark about a skinny girl and her weight, but we are (rightly) outraged if the same is done to a bigger girl. But we're all in this together, girls! At any point in time, we don't know what's going on in the other person's life or mind. And it's not easy for any of us--very often the ones you think have it so good are in a bad place.

Note 2: If you are at a healthy weight, women will assume you can eat whatever you want. I base this observation on the many times I've been told in recent years, "You can eat whatever you want." Au contraire, mon souer. What silly notion is this? Very few skinny women eat whatever they want...(though I do know this one). It's not a big deal, but this thought (often an accusation) does create this subtle us-them mentality. The idea that we're fundmentally different from one another...and even more subtly, against one another.

Note 3: If you are at a healthy weight, it must be easy for you. One lunch time, I sat and ate my half turkey on wheat, hold the mayo. My friend sat and ate a plate of Italian nachos, and discussed how it's just much harder for her to lose weight. My dry boring turkey had to disagree while I salivated over her Italian sausage. There are many psychological and emotional factors that play into weight, but my body does the same with a plate of Italian nachos as anyone's does. Stores it.

Note 4: If you are at a healthy weight, you will be accused of such. "You're so tiny." Note that this sentiment isn't said appreciately, but accusatorily, like, "I saw you on the night of September 10th with the accused!" How to respond? "Umm...I'm sorry?" I did that last time. It was pretty funny.

Once again, it's this us-against-them attitude, competing and posturing, jostling for position. Can't we all just get along?


sarahbri said...

I agree to get along with you, as long as you're skinny. ;)

Amber said...

Oh Sarah, I love it when you're snarky.

sarahbri said...

Thank you. I love being snarky :) I miss you so much Amber! I'm actively working on visiting you!

Amber said...

Oh, please do!