Sunday, October 26, 2008

Homey Days

We made these apples for our Friday night Flight of the Conchords party, and they were very yummy. Though I think Mike and I ate several each, and our guests only daintily nibbled on a slice each.
In the spirit of Halloween, we dressed up as Flight of the Conchords characters. Here is Murray, Bret, and Mel. You probably don't know who they are, but we pretty much look exactly like them.
Katy gave us this pumpkin, and Chris looked artsy with it.
Monday night is international cooking night. I'm hosting it at my place, so I got out my table cloth today and ironed it. Ironing my tablecloth made me very happy. I felt homey and holiday-y. I set up my table the day before, just like my mommy taught me.
We're doing American fall night for dinner, and I made a carrot salad with cranberries and cinnamon.
Then I made more caramel apples, but this time with tiny little miniature apples. Very cute.
We also visited both of the areas we're thinking of buying a home in. Both days I was convinced I want to live in both areas.


Mike said...

Amber made a great Mel, real creepy and randy and agressive and dorky. As for myself, I'm about on Murray's cool level, so it was easy to be him. We made a nice team. And I got to spend all night looking at Jemaine's picture on Amber's shirt. Very hot.

Jon The Hart said...

Seeing Amber as Mel reminded me that I've failed miserably at spreading a video I saw a few months ago of Kristin Schaal.... Kristin Schaal is a horse.

Tara said...

The food in your pics makes my mouth water!!!! Yummmmmm! Who are you cooking for?

Becky said...

YAY for Fotcy! And YAY for Cooking Night! Being friends with you is fun, Amber.

Amber said...

Tara, I joined an international cooking club thingy, like I used to be in in Ft. Collins. Each month we pick a different country and cook food from there.

Amber said...

Thanks Becky!

robinegg said...

so fun! we miss being near you guys!