Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hey, hey hey!

Yesterday I went to a beauty school in town with some friends for a manicure and pedicure (my first!). It seemed like a nice place and we had a good time, so I suggested Mike get his hair cut there for the attractive price of $5. (I've been begging him to get a hair cut.)

Umm....How to say this nicely? You get what you pay for. He looks like Bill Cosby in the 70s. But even Mike admits Bill Cosby's hair was a lot nicer than his. He's like a skinny Fat Albert saying, "hey, hey, hey!"

The guy who cut his hair was a young African American. I'm not sure if he's ever cut a white guy's hair before, because white guys don't do that to their hair. He shaved the front of it, like Martin Lawrence. Do you know of any white guys who intentionally give themselves receding hairlines?

Then the back. He shaved it about two inches above the nautral hairline. Straight across. Well, no. Not exactly straight. The middle has a wee chink out of it and it has a slight curve--but an upside down curve, like a crooked frown on the back of his head. He also didn't fade the back of the hair into the scalp, so it just all of a sudden ends--like Fat Albert.
The guy specifically did not give Mike a mirror to look at the back of it. And I'm not going to either.

So you know how we're praying that Mike will find a job in October? Let's pray that his hairs grow fast too.


Mike said...

I think there's also some subtle commentary here about how I'm currently on a diet/exercise plan to lose a little weight. HEY HEY HEY!!!

Tara said...

Could you please attach a photo? I can not wait to see this!

Sorry Mikey, I learned the hard way too--that is why I drive all the way to downtown to get my hair done. I have found a person who can cut well and color well and not make me look like I used SUN IN from my youth. I am actually going to see her this Friday! Yeah!

A Hair Tip from Bryan: Bryan goes to Hair Color Experts because he found a girl who can cut men's hair really well . . .she is also the one who made my hair color look crazy. So the moral of the story is, spend $30 on a haircut if you are a man. Never go to Hair Color Experts if you are a girl--they are horrible! Bryan says to also tell you that Sports Clips is the place to go!

robinegg said...

casey is all about sports clips...never had a bad haircut from them