Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I love fall. Love, love, love, love, love.

We got yet more fall veggies today from the farm. Honestly, I'm a bit veggied out. I just ate a pound of spinach. But we got some fun winter squashes this week, which I love.

Pumpkin by night

Pumpkin by morning

We got a butternut squash. I love that name. Butternut. Butternut. Butternut. Humperdink, Humperdink, Humperdink! I wish it were a spaghetti squash. Spaghetti squashes are like God's surprise to the world. Spaghetti squash and platypus. Spaghetti squash and platypus and those crazy birds on Planet Earth.

The pumpkin is a decorative pumpkin. What does that mean? What happens if I try to eat it? Will it taste like sawdust, or will the Martha police be called on us, or will it actually be filled with sparkly glitter?

Although it's our favorite holiday (2nd to Christmas, of course), we don't know what to do for Halloween. So this Friday, we tricked some people into coming over for a covert Halloween party. (They think they're just coming over to watch Flight of the Conchords.) We're going to make spiced chai cider, chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, caramel apples, and puppy chow. Yum.

Does anyone have a Halloween party they want to invite us to on the 31st? Anyone? Or if we had a Halloween party, would anyone come? Anyone? Anyone?


Jon The Hart said...

Are you going to wear covert costumes this friday for your covert party? Because one could argue, that without costumes you're just having some people over for fall treats.

I'd be up for a partay of course, but I'm not usually that into the costume thing unless I'm going to be out on the town... if less than 100 people are going to see my costume I don't have much motivation to be creative... also I tend to not think about Halloween until it's a couple days away, and crunch-time costumes are typically lame, at least when I'm the one thinking them up.

Amber said...

Yeah, we told them to come dressed as their favorite FOTC character. Sneaky, huh?

I'm afraid we wouldn't have 100 people at our party. But Mike and I are so outstanding, we're kind of like 50 people each.

I actually bought a Halloween costume this year--for my sister's work banquet. So I'm wearing it regardless, even if I'm just watching What Not to Wear on the couch that night.

Becky said...

I'd come to your Halloween party. Oh ... wait ... I already am.

Katy said...

I'm coming... dressed like a penguin... or at least wearing a sweater like Bret's.