Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Skinny Fat

There's something so appealing about people weighing themselves and working out on TV. It's reality TV at it's best. The sensationalism. The voyeurism. The heart tugging moments of truth. The Bob. (See left.)

I missed the Biggest Loser's premier last night, but my new best friend Hulu totally hooked me up. As much as I want to eat barbecue with Bob, I want to throw barbecue at Jillian. Mike thinks she can probably perform the Dementors' Kiss. I agree.

I'm a big softie, so Biggest Loser makes me cry every 10 minutes or so. You know, those quick intake of breaths that aren't really crying, but you hope the husband next to you on the couch didn't hear. Luckily, I work out while watching. So while jogging in place, I pretend I'm just gasping for air.

I told you on May 21st, how I was going to get Way Fit. Well, I apparently have a short memory. I totally forgot I even owned Wii Fit. (How's that for consumer culture?) But Mikey and I decided this weekend that we want to be more healthy.

As my sis Tara would say, I've gotten a bit skinny fat. I don't have a big muffin top right now, but I am smooshy like a pumpkin muffin. Yummy. So we're getting back to the basics. Walking, hiking, lifting, etc. I think I'm going to bring free weights to work and pump it up while no one is looking.

Reality TV Newsflash: L.L. COOL J. IS GOING TO BE ON PROJECT RUNWAY NEXT WEEK! And as we all know, Ladies Love Cool J. And I'm a lady.


Becky said...

I heart Bob. That's all.

Brandy said...

I love that you have my husband's picture on your blog.

Amber said...

L.L. Cool Bob.

OK, I've totally found the trick to getting women to comment in a second on my blog. From now on, I'm posting a pic of Bob in every post.

Mike said...

I'm so fat these days I dropped a cupcake I was eating and and it just went into orbit around my middle.

Tara said...

I want to do yoga with Bob because he is so peaceful and happy. I want to work out with Jillian because she will kick my butt right off of my body.