Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Good to Be King

The Thai Prime Minister has been ousted by the courts, saying he broke the constitution by working while in office. He wasn't working on a new biography or as a political consultant. He hosted a cooking show. BAM!

But it's no biggie, because he's the prime minister, so he's got time. According to CNN, he said, "Somebody says as a prime minister, I have time, but I should not do such a thing like that. I said, 'No, I checked the constitution already. There's no obstruction with that.'" Notice he doesn't agree with the time issue, just the constitutional issue.

You know, being prime minister is really pretty simple. You know, cut a few ribbons, elect your brother-in-law as top official, appear on Ellen.

But what's best about this is that he was the host of this cooking show, "Tasting and Complaining" for 7 years. It's like if Emeril were president. Or better yet, my favorite complainer, Anthony Bourdain.

I so want to see in Decision 2012 Anthony Bourdain go up against Rachael Ray for President. Now that would be a fun (and dirty) fight.

Speaking of World Leaders Who Make Questionable Decisions...
I guess it's good to be king, even of a impoverished country with the world's highest AIDS rate.

To celebrate his 40th birthday and the 40th anniversary of his country, Swaziland, King Mswati III threw a lavish celebration that "officially" cost $2.5 million, though others say it cost up to 28 million dollars. That's a third of what they spend on health care each year, in a country where the life expectancy is 31 because of AIDS and 1 in 5 people depend on international food aid.

A party that cost $2.5 mill in a country of 1.1 million people, that would be like if Mr. Bush had a party that cost 693 million dollars. If it was more like a 28-mill party, that would be the equivalent of a 7.7 billion dollar party in America. and a shopping spree to Dubai for his 13 wives? And 20 brand new BMWs to drive to the party in?

But I have to say, I do love his outfit. I think our presidents should totally give speeches bare-breasted. I'm picturing Mr. Bourdain in leopard already. And it's fun, in a way, that he's the last absolute monarch of Africa, my last link to Coming to America, you know? And kind of fun in a way, I guess, that he chooses his brides from 40,000 topless virgins. But it's very unfun in another kinda way.

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Jon The Hart said...

Crazy stuff ay? According to some CIA data I found, by using GDP and PPP (purchasing power parity) you can ascertain that $1 US has about 263% the buying power in Swaziland. So, a $28 million party in Swaziland is like a $73.64 million party in the US. Then if we take your population adjustment into account, it's like the US president spending over $20 billion for his birthday.

So that's one heck of a bash. Also, 70% of Swaziland lives on $1 or less per day... so while in terms of purchasing power it's $2.63, obviously it's jack squat and makes the kings spendy ways all the more deplorable.

I guess you can take some solace in drinking Coke, as they have a large plant there that turns sugar into...well... other sugar. So each sweet Coke you drink sends some money to Swaziland... though then there's the whole debate about whether it's actually helping the people at all or if the king is just squeezing everyone dry while he reaps the sweet sugary benefits... but that's some other post...

Also, I love ellipses. They're like drama comma's, although I know that's not a proper use I just don't care.