Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Heart Colorado

We took our annual trip to see fall colors today with my parents. Our new tradition is to start any mountain venture with a stop at the Donut Mill. I told my dad they had the best donuts in the area. So, naturally, my lanky father ordered a donut, the biscuits and gravy, a scone, and a turnover....And ordered a pecan sticky bun for later. I helped him finish all this, and generously helped Mike with his own cream-filled maple long john (after eating my own cherry old-fashioned donut, of course). It's hard to be a skinny woman around here.

From highway 67 between Divide and Cripple Creek, we took off on a side dirt road that was much quieter than the highway and got us right down in the aspens. They were fluorescent with color.

Being that it was a Bray family outing, we stopped for several photo shoots along the road.
Here's my lovely parents.
Here's Mike and I and our trusty little Blazer that gets us everywhere.
Famished after a long drive with no donuts, we found a quiet little spot off the road for a picnic.
Then we continued our drive and came across the largest panaromic view of changing aspens we'd ever seen. We were just surrounded. Sadly, this photo cannot begin to communicate how beautiful it was.
We continued on our drive to Cripple Creek. The hillside above the town was just electric with orange.

Next we drove up to Florissant, and stopped at the Hornbek homestead. Here we toured the homestead, and, though declaring were just stuffed, devoured the afore-mentioned pecan sticky bun. Here is an upstairs bedroom of the homestead that Mike snuck up to, being the naughty boy that he is.
We finished the day with Jo Mama's pizza in Woodland Park. I give it a 6.9.

Today reminded of me how much I love Colorado. I love that I live somewhere that I can drive 45 minutes, or just 10 minutes, and be someplace that reminds you of how alive you are and what a breathing, dynamic planet we live on. It is extraordinary. It also reminded me of how much I love my parents. Thank you for the wonderful day, Mom and Dad!


Tara said...

As my friend Abbie and I drove West on highway 119 toward Longmont, we were amazed at the way the light was showing each layer of the tower mountains we get to admire everyday - Colorado is amazing! Nice pitures!

Amber said...

I love the view down 119 into Longmong. Best view on the front range, in my opinion. :)

Becky said...

6.9??!? Seriously? I thought it was the best pizza I'd ever had. I'm not exaggerating.

Maybe I was just REALLY hungry.

Amber said...

Well, maybe I went into it with really high expectations b/c of you. I'm a really hard grader.

What kind did you have? I had the jo-mama's special. it was good--good crust. Maybe I'll consider raising it to a 7.

Maybe we just have different taste, like with WALL-E.

Tara said...

I love your pictures. We saw those aspen just 2 days before you and they seem so much more vibrant and it seems so long ago. Oh, how I miss the sound of the aspens quaking!

Mom & Dad are awesome, huh!

We need dad to start rating all of the food he eats. He should be a food critic for your blog.