Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hey Man, I Just Want Some Muesli

It's Flight of the Conchords Friday!
I hope you enjoy this video on a rainy Friday.

Guess what...My book Hope Lives has a special edition! What does that mean? I have absolutely no idea!

Mike just stumbled upon this selling online. Christian Book Distributors has a new special edition of my book. All this seems to mean is that there's a yellow ribbon on the front of the cover that says "it starts with me." I'm sure they didn't reprint the books to put that ribbon on--so is it digitally added? How weird. I hope there's special features like the uncensored chapters where I cuss lots.


sarahbri said...

Wow, Amber. You're so big time. Will this put you in high finance, so you don't have to consider second hand underpants? Thanks for the FOTC Friday. It's rainy in Ohio too and it made me smile. Carpe diem. I bet you're hot today.

Amber said...

You make me laugh Sarah. :)
I've been singing that line all morning to Mike.

And, yes, I am hot today. We're all wearing African garb at work today. I'll have to show you a pic.

Becky said...

Speaking of secondhand underpants ...

Becky said...

I suddenly have a new appreciation for these guys.