Thursday, September 4, 2008


I don't know if you's all remember, but last year this very week there was an unexpected September snowstorm. Said snowstorm kept me away from my sister's work banquet. But this year, I could not be turned back.
Here we are, Greek goddesses that we be, at the 2008 Athens-themed Parker Adventist Hospital Banquet.
Aren't my sisters purty? Chris had by far the best costume of anyone there.

There were about 10 women all wearing my costume (you can see one of them sitting directly behind me), but there are really only so many goddess costumes for sale in Colorado, after all.

You thought that Tara came not dressed up. But no, she came dresses as "Thora" the Greek goddess of Thunder Arms. She called down several bolts of lightning during the evening's events, such as when Chris didn't win best costume, Thora blasted the whole cloud with her divine rage.

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Mike said...

Truly, Denver is Mount Olympus. Here beside the waters of the Serpentine I behold a singing chorus of muses, dewy drips of ambrosia dripping like falling pearls from their radiant hair. How have mortals been granted such a vision. May Pallas Anthena have mercy upon me and not slay me with beauty, nor split my innards upon her dreadful spear. Was it a dream? Was I waking? Oh, to be once more upon that olive covered shore, to sip the hemlock and dream of my reward. Amen. Amen. to Zeus. Amen. Those babes is hot.