Friday, September 19, 2008

Don't Text and Drive

Public Service Message

Watch this video.

Don't text and drive. I don't want to die. A new study shows that you are more impaired while texting than driving while high or drunk. One of my more terrifying experiences of late was driving with a girl who was texting. Now I know to just call a cab.

If I see you texting, I'm going to throw the moldy cucumber I just found in the bottom of my fridge at you.


Mike said...

Yeah, the study shows you're significantly more likely to crash while texting than if drunk or high. It really should be illegal; it's just that there's no breathalizer for it. People don't have common sense. People are dumb. That's why we need laws, especially for the young. Just read the Statistical Abstract of the United States. Something like 140,000 people are injured each year by their clothing (enough to end up at a hospital for it). More than 400,000 are injured each year by chairs and sofas. These are the same people we're assuming to have enough common sense and dexterity not get into accidents while severly impaired by texting and driving a 3000 pound hunk of metal and plastic full of combustible material at 65 miles per hour? I rest my case.

Becky said...

What are the stats on driving while getting hit in the face with a moldy cucumber??

Tara said...

That is really crazy but not surprising. Many students that I have had in the past will be talking to one another while texting other people at the same time. They think they must always be in contact with other people and they don't enjoy the people who are right in front of them.

I have driven a lot in the last 10 years because I drive such a long distance to school. In my own unofficial study I find that cell phone drivers are bad drivers because they swerve a little bit but pay attention for the most part. My study finds that the worst horrendous drivers are those who put makeup on while driving. I once drove behind a person who was putting on liquid concealor and continued to put powder, lipstick, eyeliner & masgara on while driving. She happened to be in front of me swerving like crazy blocking the left lane so no one could pass her so I was able to see it all during my 22 mile drive! Crazy enough, I see people like this at least once a week. I know a person who texts while driving and I have told her she is crazy and to stay away from me on the highway.
As for Mike's research into the accidents with clothing and furniture--I totally belive it--most of the injuries in my classroom that require ice and bandages are caused by clothing and furniture!!

barleygreen said...

We saw a man eating cereal; spoon in one hand bowl in the other. Best of all he was balancing the bowl on a plate while driving with his knees. Think we can't possibly top that? - We saw the same man cereal eating man 6 months later - you guessed it eating more cereal.

barleygreen said...

Note: Comment should have read "We saw the same cereal-eating man..." Please disregard the the extra "man" when reading.