Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Weekend in Pictures

I'm not usually very social on the weekends, but Mike and I had a whirlwind weekend, so I thought I'd post our pics from this weekend to fool you into thinking we're always this cool and dynamic. So here is our weekend in pictures: We went to the Serenity Springs Cat Resort (or something like that) in Calhan, CO with the Ahearns for Bryan's b-day gift. Here's a tiger showing how big he is.

Then we had a picnic at the Paint Mines, where the Ahearns painted themselves many colors with the colored dirt.

Then I went salsa dancing with peeps from work. (That is not, in fact, me salsa dancing, but getting ready to go.) Now you know how the magic happens.

Then on Sunday we went to Solitaire and James' wedding, where Irish car bombs, of course, were involved.

Then I looked down my nose at Jen Flint, as usual.

And I met up with old friends, like Kyle and Shanny Bananny.
A good time was had by all.


Becky said...

Ooooh! I like your straight hair!! Beautiful!

Amber said...

Thanks! That's my "wedding hair." It doesn't come out very often. :)

T. said...

Is that the death stare you are giving the camera while you are curling your hair?

Amber said...

No-that's just what my face looks like.

Mike said...

Ah, I get it. No, in the first picture, Tara has my camera and I have hers. They're the same body, but hers is black and mine is silver and we have different lenses.