Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sheep With a Goat's Brain

You might remember, if you are one of the legion of my loyal, devoted followers, that I recently posted a page from the Onion showing a picture of a couple rubbing their pregnant belly with the headline, "Natural Child Birth: How Morally Superior Does It Make You."

As it turns out, the couple in the photo is on my sister-in-law's small group. What are the chances that the one couple from stock photos I choose to mock would be friends of my in-laws? Score 2 points with the Whitneys.

So I should have learned my lesson. But this Onion page is just too important and too funny to not pass on. I apologize if this sheep is actually one of your cousins.


Anonymous said...

Amber, I haven't read your blog for like totally, uh...a month: ) But I had so much fun. I promised myself to only be on the internet for 20 minutes. But now, 2 hours later I still feel good about myself because your discussions are intelligent, and not like other internet fodder. I miss you and yours, and wish you would have taken me to Moab with you. I am like Mike's little sister you know. Or used to be. Till we moved to a fiendish land far away. By the way if you ever DO have kids I suggest some of the following names, taken from kids in my classes: Marshaila (Mar-Shay-la), Quiene (Key-when), Shawntez, Little Jeezy, Sebastian.

Miss thee. I am now on facebook, does that count as internet-hip?


Amber said...

Lizzie! I miss you too. I'm totally gonna have a "Little Jeezy." Maybe I'll just start calling Mike that. I've been thinking about getting on Facebook (it seems to be how my coworkers all communicate with one another), but have been hesitant. But I would definitely poke you if I was on it.

Are you on summer break now?!!

Anonymous said...

Dolly would be spinning in her grave if she heard the news of such horrendous sheep exploitation, and also if she was buried, rather than rendered into dog/cat food, and bones used for carbon fiber bike frames and tennis racquets...but if not for that, she'd be whirling in her grave. Such sheeploitation is an outrage and I will be informing my fellow PETA members post haste.

Seriously though, the Onion is great, and I'm glad that you've linked to it a couple times, because I forget to check it out lately.

Also, Welcome to the INTERNET, Lizzle-dizzle.


T. said...

I must say that the article on the wearable feedbags was much more stimulating and life changing. I can't wait until the fast food restaurants here in Parker start to carry them!

Thanks for linking me to this site--I never knew the Onion had video clips!