Friday, June 27, 2008

Robot Love Made Me Cry

We just saw WALL-E, and it was good. Kind of an absurd, cuddly post-apocolyptic Brave New World. The plot was solid. It could totally be discussed in a film or lit class. The writers/director made really good choices about where they took it and where they didn't. They didn't kill any of their jokes or overdo it. They didn't try to smush any message in your face, though there were clearly underlying themes. It was clever, thougthful, funny, and I was in love with both robots at the end of the movie to the point of tears. And the credits were smart and beautiful.

So I think we should monetarily support this movie. Once the rest of you have seen it, let's chat about it. I won't ruin it for you by talking more here.

Eating Diva
I put my diva in the closet for the winter, not living up to my Party Diva title, so I've felt very insecure in interviews when they call me a party diva. So I've been diva-ing it back up this week with cooking.

Mike and I rolled out Spinach Ravioli with our leftover pasta dough. First time we've made ravioli, and it was pretty good, though we should have rolled the dough out thinner. We filled it with a mix of feta, parmesan, mozarella, cilantro pesto, and shredded chicken. Then we topped it with olive oil and red pepper flakes. Mmmm...
Then for a snack I made Vanilla Sorbet, and I swear this only took 10 minutes. I don't know if it's ice cream or sorbet or what, because I didn't put any eggs in. But it was fresh and summery and lower calorie than ice cream.

1 cup whipping cream
1 cup 1% milk
1 fresh vanilla bean
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon honey (don't know why, just felt like throwing honey in)
sugar, to taste
I whipped together the milk, ice cream, vanilla extract, and honey, and scraped in the innards of one vanilla bean. Then I dumped in sugar till it was sweet enough. Then churned through the ice cream machine. Very rich and vanilla-y. Yum.


Mikw said...

It was a fun movie. It really stretched my expectations of what animated movies can be. Some of the reviewers made it seem like the second coming. I thought it was really pretty great, and it's definitely up there with The Incredible and Finding Nemo in my top three Pixar films (which are some of my absolute favorite movies). But it's very different from the other Pixar movies (though all three of those are pretty unique). It's a real sci-fi movie, a post-apocalyptic one at that. And it's a romance. And it's a (practically) silent comedy. The mere fact that this bizzare combination works is pretty cool. Go see it.

I'm a huge Pixar fan. As soon as I saw the previews I wanted to see it. They're just so darn good, by any measurement. I would say more, but Amber wants the computer. Go Pixar. Thank you George Lucas for investing in the future of movie making. I forgive you the faults in your more recent movies for all that your pioneered advances in movie technology made possible. And nice work, Ben Burt, the man who made me realize that sound design is really pretty interesting and creative (voice of WALL-E and the man who gave us R2-D2).

Jon The Hart said...

I just saw WALL-E. I loved it. I saw it with Tony, so I didn't allow myself to cry, but I totally would have if not needing to keep up appearances.


How do you feel about the gender portrayal in this one? Is WALL-E the bumbling male to EVE's ultra-capable woman?

If I were to rate this movie on a Mike Rosen scale... I'd give it 5 compressed garbage skyscrapers. (5 is the best, and they try to use a unit of measure that's derived from some element of the movie in a non-plot ruining kind of way).

Next movie on the list is Hancock in a few days....

Mike said...

I don't know about Hancock. It looks like a really fun concept, but I just don't know if it'll work out. The previews make it look like a comedy/character progression story, but I read that it's actually a bit heavy and dark too (which put me off). I just don't know whether the different things it's trying to be will work out if that's what it's trying to do. I'm very gratified to see that you liked Wall-E. For some reason none of my siblings and sibs in law were planning on seeing it because they thought it looked less than thrilling. It is a weird premise (post-apocalyptic sci fi). So you're going to be in Berthoud? Too bad we don't live in Longmont any more.

Amber said...

I don't think it had the same gender bias we discussed of late.

WALL-E was definitely the all-out hero, and his bumbling was more due to having been away from any type of society for 700 years--making his bumbling refreshing and enderaing because it was simple lack of social-consciousness.
His simple-mindedness (in a good way), single-mindedness, and lack of social constraint drove and forced the resolution of the movie.

Eve's ultra-competence was helpful when they were rogue robots, but it was actually what she had to get over or get past in order to become "human"--so it wasn't glorifying her as ultra-competent, she needed to learn to be ultra-competent and value other things (like holding hands).

Look at me, already talking like a lit prof about this movie.

Mike said...

In many ways EVE was less emotionally mature and less developed as a person than WALL-E, even though she was technologically superior (and a little single-minded and indiscriminate in how she dealt with what got in the way of her single-mindedness). So she was really learning from him, even though he was goofier. I'm glad that didn't make him too goony, there were so many things in that movie that could have overbalanced but instead hit just the right note. He was goony, but that gooniness just revealed his humanity and served to reinforce what an advanced character he was.

Jon The Hart said...

Yeah, in Berthoud for the week... this morning I was thwarted in my attempt to get Wii Fit from Super Target in Longmont, I had heard they'd have some, so I went early, there were about 15 people in line 10 minutes before the store opened. The manager stuck her head out and asked who was there for Wii Fit, everyone raised their hands, then she announced that they just had 4. So that was sad, but I like seeing Nintendo products in such high demand, since I'm a lifelong Nintendo fanboy.

I think some people figured WALL-E wouldn't be all that funny, and would be a bit preachy. I had heard that, but I remained optimistic going in and was very pleased.

Will Smith.... that's pretty much all I need to know about Hancock. He's very careful about the roles he chooses and I just think he's a good actor. He's one of the only 3 actors to have 7 consecutive $100 million movies. I have no doubt Hancock will be #8 (granted it becomes easier and easier to do with inflation, and all the people like me who tend to see whatever movie he's in because we just know it'll be good). But still a very impressive streak.

Mike said...

He is a money pit.

Mike said...

I had an unfortunate accident. I took the old Wii to Estes Park to have fun with my siblings, which was fun. I brought my two gamecube controllers with me (just threw them in, they were attached at the time), but of course i didn't need them, so I set them aside. And left them there. And I don't have a classic controller and I think I gave my other three gamecube controllers to someone. So, bummer.