Monday, June 2, 2008


Top Five Reasons I Should Get Writing My Book

Ah, procrastination. That semi-sweet, semi-bitter taste so familiar in college days. That sensation of guilt in the pit of my stomach as I watch Top Chef. I drew Moab as my line in the sand, over which once I crossed I must get working. Now I'm dragging my heels in the sand, with my fingers clutching at that line now fading into the past. So, for motivation (and procrastination)'s sake, I'll write out the top five reasons I need to kick it into gear.

1. I think my editor might read my blog occasionally, and she'll know if I'm being a bad girl.
2. Summer TV is wretched and will just leave me with drool running down my chin, mumbling nonsensically.
3. The reason I decided to write it in the first place: To give an outward-focused alternative to just one more small-group study that focuses on perfecting ourselves.
4. There is only one month in between June and August.
5. To silence that little nagging voice in my head.

Top Five Reasons to Keep Procrastinating
1. It reminds me of the flavor of sesame chicken from College Cafe eaten on the lawn of the oval in Ft. Collins.
2. I want to.
3. The sun is shining so brightly, and I want to go trip through the tulips.
4. I already worked all dadgum day.
5. Deadlines Schmeadlines. Mike is cute and I want to go eat ice cream with him.


Mike said...

Very amusing. No one can make procrastination look so good as you.

Amber said...

Update: I worked for 1 1/2 hours and walked to get cotton candy ice cream with Mike. I guess I can have it all.

Sarah said...

Which book are you working on now? I can't wait to have it! There's your next reason :)

Amber said...

I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.