Sunday, June 22, 2008

At Home

Mike says this photo is disgusting, but you know he loves it. I shared this photo, because it reflects how I feel in Estes: at home. From having visited there so often as a girl and having lived there for two idyllic summers and having shared so many of the above smooshy memories with Mike, it's where I feel most at peace...247 trillion tourists and all. And there's an ice cream shop every 3 steps. Clearly I was meant to live here.

When I was a little girl, we would take trips to Estes, playing putt-putt and hiking in Moraine Park. As we drove home to Denver at night, I'd press my nose against the car windows, trying to peer into the glowing windows of the mountain homes on the St. Vrain river. I vowed that one day I'd live in one of those homes.

I recently wrote an essay about this, my deepest dream of living in a mountain home, for a "win a home essay contest" in Red Feather Lakes. But I missed the deadline to apply, so my dream was crushed. But in writing this post, I just googled it to see who won...and found that they extended the deadline again, to July 14th. Should I enter? Is it fate?

Perhaps I'll post my essay here and you can all give me your comments.

Until I win a mountain home and move far, far away into the mountain deeps, here are a couple of our photos from the Estes Park trip. (I refrained from adding the 220 pictures Mike took.)


T. said...

I think it is fate! Can we see your essay even if you do not enter?

Amber said...

Maybe...It depends how insecure I'm feeling that day. :)