Tuesday, April 22, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

As I've been sending so much negative energy into the universe lately through my blog (good thing I don't believe in karma), and as Tara requested more Top Ten Lists, and as they're the lazy writer's crutch (read: Amber), I'll be writing my top ten favorite things today, something which my sneering husband says is totally lame, but deep down he loves it very much.

1. Silence. The outdoor, middle-of-nowhere, solitude kind. No highway hum or distant overheard airplane. The kind of silence and wildness that make you alert to how alive yet peaceful yet surprising this world is, eternally existing and humming whether we notice it or not.

2. Tomatoes. Once or twice a summer I taste a tomato that's so sweet, so sublime, so transcendent that I'd like to spout Pablo Neruda...Soft as lascivious velvet, spiral-seashelled and full of wonder, amorous, marine...

3. Clothes. I have a recurring dream: I realize that I bought all these clothes and forgot about them. I open up my closet and take each piece out--trying it on, planning when I'm going to where it. I love that dream, but I hate waking up.

4. Michael Jonathan Van Schooneveld. I won't sicken you with the details.

5. Blue Satin Sashes and Warm Woolen Mittens. Not really, I just had to say that.

6. Donuts. Ah yes, my ambivalent lover, my tease. I'm on the eternal quest for the perfect fatty orb. Crumbly rich divine goodness.

7. Dutch People. Lekker.

8. An Open Road before me winding on seemingly forever. Driving south through New Mexico, knowing that if I wanted, I could just keep driving and driving and driving forever with no destination.

9. Watching People Weigh Themselves on reality TV. I don't know why. I just love it. I love reality TV: About food. About travel. About homes. About losing weight. About trading husbands. About sports. Not about dancing. About models. About chefs. Need I go on?

10. Foreign Things. Anything new and different and exotic and crazy and weird and spicy. The people, the food, the architecture, the language, the clothing. I want to go everywhere and see everything and do everything.


T. said...

I love the silence too. That is the time when I realize how much ringing I have in my ears from the damage of loud rock concerts. I am always happy at first and then I picture myself at 85 deaf and having everyone yell "HELLO!" "HOW ARE YOU?!" and then I get sad and think of a few of my favorite things like blue satin sashes and warm woolen mittens (and doughnuts. Do you think dad brainwashed us to obsess over doughnuts?

Mike said...

It's a little embarassing, seeing that picture of me up on the blog. I suppose, though, that anyone who reads this knows me and won't be too surprised. It wasn't easy taking that picture like that in the mirror holding the camera over my shoulder. Maybe I can feel good about that accomplishment. I'm always pestering Amber about what she likes most. It's fun to see her list some things. My affinity for some of those same things is what makes us so compatible, I think.

Mike said...

It's true that Amber had a weird affection for reality TV that goes beyond my own. I've learned to enjoy watching it with her and sometimes I'll watch it if she's gone to remind me of her (I watched What Not to Wear while she was in New York). There are a couple shows I can't handle. Wife Swap is just too weird and emotional for me. I don't like seeing real people get upset on TV. Conflict and raw emotions of real people causing problems for other real people just isn't recreational for me; it's stressful. I tend to leave and then come back later if there's too much drama in a show. As for the fat people, it's sorta interesting seeing the change, it's just not a subject I have lots of enthusiasm for. Food shows are more interesting, much more, especially Alton Brown and Bobby Flay. Paula Dean is amusing but a little weird; she's always hitting on the guys on her show. Dancing w/ the Stars and American Idol (particularly dancing) just aren't my thing. Can't stand them. Dance, monkey, dance!! Anyway, I'm being boring. I'm sure lots of people would hate to watch the shows I like.

Becky said...

"Perfect fatty orb?" Now that's just flippin hilarious.

I love reality TV too!!! Yay for people making fools of themselves on TV!