Friday, April 25, 2008

Tom Ka Gai, that was good!

I wanted to say, "Moo Daaaang, baby, was that meal good."

But I couldn't because two people already used that title (;, and that would be lame, or as Roy Peter Clark would put it, first level creativity. So I had to say "Tom Ka Gaaaiiii!"

This is a soup: Tom Ka Gai. And Moo Dang is a pork dish. But I'm finding that most Thai dishes are not just good for eating, but also make for really satisfying exclamations.

Try it with me: Moo Dang you look hot today, baby! Pad Thai, am I hungry! That soup was so Tom Ka Gai good! I am so Sticky Rice tired today. Umm...OK ix-nae on the ice-rae.

Here's some pics of the delightful dishes from the Moo Dang Thai dinner I went to last night:

Sorry, I'm too Moo Dang tired to figured out how to make that a hyperlink, because my Moo Dang Thai Dinner was followed by a Moo Dang Fiasco on Moo Dang Powers Road. My Moo Dang other car is in the Moo Dang shop, so I had to call my Tom Ka Gai friend to give me a Moo Dang jump. My Pad Thai car only drove one Moo Dang foot before it died again. So I had to get it Moo Dang towed...for the second Moo Dang time this Tom Ka Gai week. Thank God my Sticky Rice Friend was there to help.


Becky said...

In all fairness, Brandy coined the now famous phrase.

I simply stole it.

Suzanne said...


Brandy said...

You are brilliant!