Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Haven't Had So Much Fun Since a Hog Ate My Twin Brother

I have absolutely nothing to say about that title, except that it's funny.

I was just talking to my parents, and apparently my good ol' Texas papa used to say that back in the day before I was born, until my mom made him quit, that is. You have to read it with his twang he lets loose when thinkin' o' home, "I haven't had so much fun since a hog ate my twin brother...Sooooweeeee!" (The funny part is that he does have a twin brother. But no hogs have eaten him. Then it wouldn't be funny. My mom said one time she saw a hog eat a baby pig on a farm and it really wasn't funny at all, but quite traumatic.)

My mom once told her mom about this annoying verbal habit of my father's, and she said that my Florida bayou grandpappy used to say it too. (My mom's dad, not my dad's dad, so they independently each said this glorious phrase. It must have been kismet that my parents met.)

With such a great family heritage, it's officially my new favorite phrase, up there with my Nebrasky great-grandma's, "A good time was had by all."

On a side note, a marketer at Compassion got a call from a donor they had sent Hope Lives to, and she said "it had impacted her life more than any book she had ever read." That's crizzity crazy.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Love reading about your crazy relatives, Amber. I'm glad that your book is getting such a great response. You're awesome. I really enjoy your blog. I don't have anything interesting to say about your posts, but I enjoy them.


T. said...

I want to know who keeps leaving mssgs that must be deleted. None of my messages ever get deleted--I guess they are just too boring.

I like that we have cute sayings from our southern family. Even though I am not from the south I like to act like I am a cowgirl with my students when I say "Yeee----haw!"

Mike said...

It's a little weird to think of your book out there and people we don't know reading it. It's also weird to think of people we know reading it. I mean it weird to think of something that's you out there on it's own, doing stuff and affecting people. It's weird to think of people getting to experience you and your thoughts and something that was very personal on their own, forming their own independent impressions of you through what you've written. I wonder what they think you're like. Oh, and it's my message that got deleted here earlier. Nothing too exciting.

Mike said...

I wish I had a twin brother. Then I would never know which one is me.

And the other me could be eeevilll. I could use a nemesis.

~barleygreen said...

Mike, You know what else is weird? Doughnuts. Or at least reading your comment and subliminally substituting the word doughnuts for "doing stuff". Do you think Amber & Tara intentionally planted 'word seeds' to cause us all to obsess over doughnuts?

Amber said...

Barleygreen, who are you? If you've cracked "T."'s brilliant name code, then you must be Christane...Is it so?