Friday, April 11, 2008

Haitian Doughnuts

As I'm in mourning for my lost Caribbean trip, Mike and I made Haitian doughnuts tonight.

Ricot gave me the recipe, and it was quite vague (add some sugar, add some cinnamon...). There were hardly any ingredients--just flour and bananas and sugar--which could be because of the high cost of eggs and milk in Haiti.

I'm not sure what they were supposed to be like, but as Mike put it, "It looks like we've been collecting buffalo dung." I ate about 6 before I decided they're pretty gross. (I kept hoping.)

If I go to Haiti in June, perhaps I'll have to have some real Haitian doughnuts.


Anonymous said...

You are very adventurous! Too bad they're all gone and we can't have a taste :)


Anonymous said...

How sad you can't go now, but even more sad for the people there. The situation is really erg-a Dutch word meaning really bad, anymore Dutch words describe things the best for me. Hope you will get to go later.