Thursday, March 27, 2008

We Joined a Farm!

We just once again joined a CSA farm--community supported agriculture. And look--Susan sent me some chive seeds to thank me. That Susan. She's sweet.

So we pay a one time fee for 26 weeks of fresh produce from a Colorado farm. This ensures the farm a steady income and thus small, local farms can stay in business (we don't get refunded if a swarm of killer locusts eats all their brussel sprouts). It also means fresher, tastier veggies and less gas--they'll travel 100 miles to us instead of 1500. Last year, our CSA was just down the road from us, but it's too sandy down here for agriculture, so we joined Grant Family Farms in Wellington who has a pick-up location in the Springs. Still an improvement!

Our favorite grain-grinding hippies, the Swans, also joined, so we can go to hippy barn-raisings and what not on the farm together.

My Denver fam--they have pick-up locations in Centennial, so even you could join. Then we'd definitely all get our daily serving of veggies. It was such fun last year figuring out what to do with new and foreign peppers and greens.

Even Mike has become quite the produce afficienado. Would you believe that this week he has eaten bok choy, chayote, grey squash, cauliflower, and eggplant? Last week he even made asparagus and cabbage ravioli. Proof that CSAs change lives.

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Anonymous said...

Inspired me to go to Vitamin Cottage and buy some kale.