Monday, March 31, 2008

Pa Gen Pwoblem

An excerpt from my official Haiti guide:
"As neither written nor driving tests are required to qualify for driver's licenses, road laws are not generally known or applied. Signaling imminent actions is not widely practiced, and not all drivers use turn indicators properly. For instance, many drivers use their left blinker for all actions, including turning right and stopping in the road. Others flap their left arm out the window to indicate that they will be taking an unspecified action."

I've been reading through my little Haiti travel guide that work provided me with, and this is about the most uplifting exerpt from it.

When my boss heard where I'd be spending two nights in Haiti, her response was to laugh out loud and then quickly say, "bring a bedroll." Apparently, one doesn't want to so much as touch the sheets.

I went shopping for all my Haiti needs this weekend: dramamine, pepto, immodium, etc. I told Ricot, my writer in Haiti, how many shots and pills I'm going through to come see him. "You'll be fine, my friend," he said. Or, "pa gen pwoblem," as they'd say it in Haitian Creole.

Immodium aside, several of the hotels we'll be staying at look pleasant (for Haiti, that is):
Make sure you dance to the music. This is where we'll be staying and eating most nights.

And here's the beach house where I'll spend one night:
(I see they even have ping-pong here and a giant chess board!)

And then I'll spend two nights on the island La Gonave in the guest house that prompts uncontrollable laughter from my boss and where men reportedly break out in huge bleeding welts from the nights' stay (bugs). Luckily Ephraim, the other Haitian writer, will have a mosquito net for me, and my late grandmother-in-law had the foresight to give me a silk travel sleeping sack for Christmas one year. An odd gift at the time, but much appreciated now.

Will you please pray for us while there? That our rickety plane to La Gonave won't crash, that I won't get malaria, that I won't get kidnapped, that I won't have to eat goat testicles; you know, the usual.


T. said...

Wow. I am extremely jealous now! How come you left that bug part out when you told us about your trip before? I wasn't jealous at first, but now I can't stand that you get to go there and not me.

A way to cope--just think that any bug bite cannot be worse than those gigantic mosquitos bites from Texas!

Anonymous said...

You will be in our prayers every step of the way. Remember that lightening storm on the way to the cookout? Good laughs later!


Amber said...

Thanks T.--but those gigantic mosquitoes in Texas don't carry typhoid and malaria! Just sayin'. :)

But I am actually quite excited!

Twalls said...

Pa gen lisans, pa gen pwoblem!